In a B-rain Connect neighbourhood or street...

not a drop of rainwater is lost
greenery gets all the space it needs to grow
we make way for biodiversity
we build to suit people
we work smartly below ground, and multifunctionally above it
we always opt for sustainable and circular materials

Building blocks

UrbanRoots (Ebema)

The city of tomorrow needs trees, preferably big trees. They provide shade, help purify our air, store CO2 and provide cooling. UrbanRoots is an underground tree nursery that protects tree roots and helps young trees grow into mature specimens with lush crowns.

How does it work? The pressure-relieving concrete structure shifts the weight of traffic and paving to the ground below the roots. This allows the tree bunker to be filled with nourishing soil instead of rooting foundation with stones. Thanks to the open construction, the tree also has contact with the surrounding soil. This makes it more resistant to all kinds of influences such as fungi.


Coping with flooding and water scarcity within spatial planning is quite a challenge. Business sites and public spaces will increasingly have to take this into account in the future.

HYDROPS® offers an efficient buffer and infiltration system for optimal rainwater management, specifically for sites with a shortage of space and high groundwater levels.

Within this system, rainwater is diverted via prefabricated gutters into concrete chambers. In these chambers, sludge is captured and absolute purification takes place. The treated water is distributed and temporarily buffered, via a perforated pipe in the open foundation.

If the nature of the site allows, the water infiltrates into the subsoil via the bottom and side walls of the basin.

Eco Solutions

Both levelling and permeable bricks channel excess rainwater to the ground. The water-permeable bricks, with their clean lines or cheerful angular shapes, lead the water to the ground via the wide joints.

The water-permeable brick is porous. So the brick does without wide joints, but with an open concrete structure that allows water to soak through. Both types are comfortable to ride by bicycle and walk on foot.

FV gutter

Underground drainage system in solid concrete.

Provides temporary buffering of rainwater.

Drainage holes in the sides allow water to be transferred into a Hydrops® basin